Volunteers must be:

  • Active, inactive or retired health care professionals in good standing
  • Students of a health profession
  • Non-medical individuals willing to fill key support positions

Welcome to the Nevada Health Volunteer Registry

The Registry programs consists of medical and non-medical volunteers committed to maintaining the health of our community. We bring together the knowledge and skills of a wide range of individuals to address public health issues.

Volunteer support is imperative for community activities such as mass immunization events and health screenings, or during an emergency. As a volunteer, you may choose a level of involvement/commitment that best suits your personal availability and preference.

Benefits include:

  • Affiliation with national and local agencies dedicated to promoting healthy living
  • Access to free training opportunities (many offering educational credits for medical volunteers)
  • Priority prophylaxis (vaccinations or pharmaceuticals) in a declared public health emergency

To apply to volunteer, please choose the New Volunteer Application link and complete the online application. You will be directed to register with one of the three MRC units in Nevada: Western Nevada (Carson, Douglas and Lyon), Las Vegas, and Washoe County or the Nevada State Emergecny Reserve Volunteers. After you complete the online application you will be contacted by the representative from the unit you chose.

Thank you for supporting Nevada's public health system by volunteering your time and expertise.