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Drexel University's Center for Civic Engagement website (the "Service") is available offered as a convenience to Drexel University students, staff, and faculty members in support of the University's community based experiential learning instructional programs, for campus-based programs seeking volunteers, or community-based organizations and affiliates seeking Drexel University volunteers. The Center for Civic Engagement provides this website as a convenience to the Drexel University community solely for the purposes of allowing community based experiential learning students, potential volunteers, university and community volunteer organizations to communicate regarding community based experiential learning and volunteer opportunities. Community affiliates or volunteer organizations must be in accordance with the mission of the University and the University reserves the right to exclude an organization and/or community based experiential learning/volunteer opportunity not consistent with the mission of the University.

This web site is for students, staff, faculty members, and alumni/ae of Drexel University and we do not direct any of our content specifically at children. You must be at least seventeen years of age to register with the Service. If you are under the age of 17, you may not register with the Service.

Terms Applicable to Volunteers and Volunteer Organizations

Your use of this web site constitutes an agreement to provide accurate and complete information. It is your responsibility to inform the Service of any changes to such information. Your contact with any Volunteer Organization or person and your participation in the Service is at your own risk. You are responsible for all use of the Service by anyone using the Service through your password. You agree that Drexel University is not liable for any damage, loss or injury from your use of or participation with the Service or of any volunteer opportunities associated therewith and you agree to defend, indemnify Drexel University harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities or expenses brought by a volunteer, volunteer organization or any third party that is related to or arising therefrom.

Terms Applicable to Community based experiential learning students, Volunteers and Affiliate Organizations

Community based experiential learning refers to volunteer or other forms of community service with community affiliates undertaken as a required or self-selected component of a course. Your participation in community based experiential learning activities, such as volunteering, as an extension of your academic course-based or curricular program constitutes an agreement to fulfill your academic requirements and standards as established by the Provost's Office (such as cheating or misrepresentation of academic performance) and Community Standards as establish by the Dean of Students Office.

Information about you is collected and used by the Center for Civic Engagement (the CCE) for the purposes of providing you with relevant information and advice about community based experiential learning opportunities. All confidential information will not be disclosed to any opportunity providers without your expressed consent. The Center for Civic Engagement reserves the right to share student names and emails with students' self-selected placement sites. All other records are securely held and only available to you, your instructors, academic support and Center for Civic Engagement staff.

The CCE will endeavor to find a suitable opportunity which best meets your needs and course requirements. The CCE will check that the host agency or community affiliate will provide a good community based experiential learning experience including health and safety, ongoing support and training as deemed appropriate. The staff of the CCE will treat all community based experiential learning students equally in accordance with University policies. The CCE staff are available to provide ongoing support, and are available during standard university office hours should you wish to discuss any aspect of your community based experiential learning opportunity.

As a student and ambassador for Drexel University, you agree to treat everyone with whom you have contact equally and fairly in accordance with Drexel's policies and standards of conduct. In addition, while participating in your community based experiential learning assignment you agree to behave and dress in an appropriate and responsible manner, will act with due care and attention for the confidentiality of clients served, completion of the service committed to, the health and safety of yourself and others at all times. Should there be any changes to your personal circumstances or problems with your placement, it is your responsibility to notify both the host organization and the CCE staff immediately. You are responsible to notify the host organization and the CCE staff of any changes that will affect your commitment (i.e., absences, tardiness, etc.). The Center for Civic Engagement programs also prohibit students from forming romantic relationships or friendly relationships that extend outside of service time.

The Center for Civic Engagement provides SEPTA tokens for bus transport to sites. In regards to other forms of travel, only travel in a Philly Car Share vehicle-with a Drexel Community Scholar-will the university assume insurance risks regarding incidents while travelling to your site. If you are traveling in your own car, the University is not responsible for any risks incidents while traveling to your service site. Traffic tickets are not covered by the Center for Civic Engagement or the University.

Please also refer to the Student Code of Conduct as set out by the Dean of Students and the Provost respectively:


Drexel University does not provide any representatives or warranties as to any of the information provided by or contained in the Service, other links, web sites and volunteer organization sites, including by not limited to the accuracy, completeness, reliability of the data provided in general or to any particular volunteer organization, recipient, or regarding any use or interpretation thereof. The inclusion of any organization or person in the Service does not constitute a representation, warranty, or endorsement with respect to the competence, sustainability, or reliability of such organization or person by the university. Drexel University disclaims any responsibility for errors or the accuracy of the information and for the application and use of the information beyond its intended purpose.

Important safety information

While in your placement neighborhoods:
You may be in an unfamiliar neighborhood where you may see poverty in appearance of houses, street activity and other aspects.

When you are in any unfamiliar situation:
Be sure to exercise caution and use common sense.
Walk confidently and make eye contact with people.
Appear comfortable with your surroundings even in the beginning.
With time, you will indeed become comfortable with the neighborhood.
Be patient and gentle with yourself but be alert
Do not bring anything you would want to lose: jewelry, money, cell phone, etc.
ALWAYS and in ALL situations follow your intuition and pay attention to your instincts: there is a difference between being uncomfortable and being unsafe.

While you are at your placement site:
Dress appropriately for your particular site. This means not to wear items like tube tops, tank tops, nothing too short (skirt or shorts) and no mid drifts showing. More business casual dress may be required for schools. Wear appropriate footwear as per your site recommendations. In some sites, flip flops are not appropriate.
Know who your site supervisor is and where to contact them in case of emergency.
Know where your service partner is at all times.
Never give your phone number or email out to a client/student at your placement.
If people make assumptions about you, try to be compassionate. Asking the person why they made those assumptions or starting a conversation would be good responses and be a learning experience for all.
The Center for Civic Engagement program prohibits students to give out money to any clients. If you are asked, you should say this: "Our/my program supervisor does not allow us/me to give out money."
The Center for Civic Engagement programs also prohibit students from forming romantic relationships or friendly relationships that extend outside of service time. If a person at your site suggests this be clear in the message of boundaries and speak to your site supervisor and Center for Civic Engagement staff about ways to address further interactions.
If you feel unsafe or threatened, tell your site supervisor or Center for Civic Engagement staff. You will not be tattling. When in doubt, talk to someone!
Please also refer to the Student Code of Conduct as set out by the Dean of Students and the Provost respectively:

Getting to and from your placement site:
Center for Civic Engagement provides SEPTA tokens for bus transport to sites.
If you drive to your site and you park:
Do not leave anything visible in your car. It is often a good idea to place items in your trunk before you leave campus.
Lock your trunk and doors.
If you get any type of ticket, you and your passengers are responsible for payment.
If you are traveling in your own car, the University is does not cover for any risks incidents while traveling to your service site.
If you are travelling in a Philly Car Share vehicle with a Drexel Community Scholar, the university assumes insurance risks regarding incidents while travelling to your site.

Encountering Diversity:

You will most likely be entering an environment different from that of Drexel where you will encounter people of various socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic identities. Taking this into consideration, we suggest you:
Remain sensitive and open-minded in all dialogues: be cautious of your own assumptions and gentle with judgments the clients might have about you.
Take into account it may take time and numerous visits to establish an understanding between yourself and the people at your sites.
Keep in mind, the people you will be interacting with may have different life experiences than you.
Remember, everyone is an expert at their own life experience.

General Information
Never drive a client anywhere.
Never give out your personal information like your phone number, email or address.
Never engage in a relationship outside of your supervised service time with a client.
Never engage in a romantic relationship with anyone at your site.
Never give out money or personal belongs while at service.
Plan for possibilities: What if I can't find my service site? What if I am running late to service?

In Case of Emergency:
Contact Drexel Public Safety at 215-895-2222.

Important Safety Information to Read Before Signing Up

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